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Our trading conditions are second to none! Competitive spreads, fast execution and price transparency at all times.

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Trade over 1000 CFDs , from Forex and Indices to ETFs, Commodities, and Stocks with low spreads with super fast execution time on your orders.

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Trade and invest in the world’s most popular markets and explore endless opportunities. We offer more 1000+ financial instruments, with real time quotes and dedicated round-the-clock customer support. 

  • Improved execution
  • Competitive FX spreads
  • More than 1000 trading instruments available
  • No hidden fees & taxes
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SocialTRD is chosen by traders not only because our trading conditions are second to none but also for the wide range of services, products we offer.

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Since all trading involves risks, SocialTRD wants its clients to make smart investment decisions, our platform offers a wide range of responsible trading features. Beginner traders will receive guidance when making their first steps in online trading, and experienced traders will enjoy risk-management features to help them trade smartly and responsibly.

Trade with confidence

  • Enjoy competitive FX spreads and easy to use platform

  • Protect your money with a regulated broker

  • Choose from a wide range of funding methods

Unlock more opportunities

  • Trade a large range of instruments including FX, CFDs and commodities

  • Enjoy seamless trading with fast execution speed

  • Be rewarded for high volume trading

Never stop learning

  • Reach your trading goals quicker with our educational resources

  • Fine-tune your trading strategies with the latest technical and fundamental analysis

  • Copy other traders with our innovative social trading platform

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Discover SocialTrading™. Replicate the trading strategies of top-performing traders.

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Use our innovative social trading platform. We have taken 10 years of traders’ feedback in order to deliver a platform that meets the highest market standards.

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